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In addition to men’s trips, we’ve also led couples, father-son and father-daughter trips. Contact us with your ideas.


Rogue river

Oregon's premier whitewater rafting river. The wild and scenic section of the Rogue River consists of 42 miles of river undisturbed by roads or houses and is know for it's variety of wildlife.

Four-day rafting trips provide a unique way of exploring truly remote locations in Oregon, free from the distractions of the internet and cell phones. Float down pristine rivers by day then pull over and set up camp for the evening. Enjoy exquisite meals prepared by your guides.



Mckenzie camp

A rustic permanent camp near the McKenzie River provides the optimal place to land for a few days. Enjoy outdoor living with just a hint of civilization. Sleep on a bed with a view in our three sided shelters, while all your meals are cooked over an open fire. Don’t worry, a lack of any electricity does not prevent us from providing a nice hot shower to end your evening.

For activities to fill the day, your group can select from a wide range of adventures to meet your level of challenge including horse shoe, day hikes, whitewater rafting, fishing, archery, or shooting real rifles, shotguns and handguns. These activities are all inclusive to your trip with expert guides and leaders for each activity.

In the evening, as with all of our trips, we spend focused time around the campfire talking, sharing and pouring into the lives of the individuals of your group. Our camp can accommodate from 10-40 people for larger size groups.