I’ve come full circle! In 2004, I was invited, at the very last minute, on Steve Pruitt’s very first raft ministry trip. Someone dropped out the day before and they were looking for anyone who was available to go. That trip changed my life, or better said, God changed my life through that trip.

That inaugural trip was the first time I had been in a raft and I absolutely loved it. Steve wanted to expand the ministry and asked if I would like to train as a guide to help him on trips. I served with Steve in that ministry, while working full time in the construction industry, until 2007.

With the volatility of the construction industry, God led me to a high adventure ministry serving young people ages 11 to 25 here in the Northwest where I was employed from 2008-2015. 

In 2015 I joined Steve with the intention of  building a stand alone non-profit organization to expand the number of lives that we could reach and impact. I am super stoked to be back in ministry serving alongside my mentor, accountability partner and best friend. God has been so faithful to me along this journey and I feel blessed to be using His creation and the gifts and passions that He has built within me to serve Him. 


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I was born into a great Christian family, with a father who was one of the preeminent river guides in the United States.  However, rather than embracing the path laid out by my family, at 18 I set out to live “the good life”.   

In 2002, after spending over 50 years chasing “The American Dream”, God finally got my attention and pulled me out of a pit of self-centeredness and materialism.  Fully convicted that my life to that point had been a waste, I felt an irresistible call to share what I had learned with other men.  The challenge was to find a way to get other men to put aside their busy lives and listen up.  

The answer came from God as a vision of a Men’s Ministry centered around outdoor adventures, where I could get men away to sit around a fire and share my personal story and what I had learned in the process of going from an “American success story” to a life of contentment in Christ.  The impact of that effort was instantaneous and the men seemed to come alive as we got away from civilization and lived an adventure they normally would have no way to experience . 

Today, we are focused on assisting the Men’s Ministry efforts of many churches, working to help them build up their men by strengthening the three most important relationships in their life:  relationship with God, with their family, and with other Christian men.  

volunteer guides

God has surrounded our ministry with a strong, well trained and well equipped group of volunteers. Our objective is to make your adventure with us an event that you will remember for the rest of your life, and will be a turning point for you and your group.

Our guides are skilled outdoorsmen and highly trained river guides, each with Wilderness First Aid training. Our trip leaders each have a minimum of 10 years of guiding experience and up to Wilderness First Responder medical training and Swift Water Rescue certification.

Experience the difference when you spend time on the river with Christian guides. Let us speak into the lives of those in your group, both throughout the day as we float down the river and in the evening as we relax around a fire ring.  Enjoy God’s creation the way He meant it to be enjoyed - out in the middle of it!